The disappearing computer. Sobre las pedagogías y las tecnologías que serán

… Future developments in ICT will not be centered around “the computer”. So, we might face a situation in which educationalists still adhere to techno-centric paradigms that are already questioned by pioneers of the technology. We should take this as an indication that the strategy of pedagogy following technology is inadequate. The conception and design of learning environments (in a broad sense, including physical space, heterogeneous resources, roles and responsibilities) is primarily a pedagogical problem and pedagogy is based on long lasting and historically grown principles. The rapidly changing of technology¡y is a secondary, instrumental parameter. (…) Interactive computing technology will no longer appear with a uniform product interface (standard screen, keyboard, a box and cables), somewhat screaming at the observer “Look, I am a computer!”. New interfaces come with a variety of peripherals and different designs, and they will be embedded into spatial and physical roomware scenarios (cf. Streitz et al. 1999). Computing facilities may be amalgamated with the environment in the form of specific “smart objects” or “tangible bits” (Ishii and Ullmer, 1997). Weiser and Brown (1997) claim that such forms of ubiquitous computing will lead to a new wave of “calm technology” which is characterized  by having multiple computerized services around us in an implicit and unobtrusive way. This technology will no longer define the focus of our attention. Even the current notion of a “user” would be misleading if this vision was completely materialized. The point would no longer be the human-computer relationship but the viability of certain services located in the physical (and virtual) environment.

(+) Extracto de The disappearing computer: consequences of educational technology? by H. Ulrich Hoppe. 2009


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