Contra la obsolescencia planificada. El móvil customizable.

“Everyday we throw away millions of electronic devices, because they get old and become worn out. But usually it’s only one of the components that causes the problem. The rest of the device works fine but is needlessly thrown away. Simple because electronic devices are not designed to last. This makes electronic waste one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. And our phone is one of the biggest causes.

So this is a new kind of phone. It’s made of blocks. Detachable blocks. They’re all connected to the base, and the base connects everything together. Electrical signals are transferred through the pins, and two small screws lock everything in place. So if for instance your phone is getting a little slow, you could just upgrade the block that affects the speed. Or if something breaks you can easily replace it with a new one, or update it with the newest version.

Another great thing about this is, that you can customize your phone. So lets say this is your phone and you do everything in the cloud. Why not replace your storage block for a bigger battery block. If you are like this guy and love to take pictures, why not upgrade your camera? Or if you don’t care about any of this stuff you can keep it simple a get a bigger speaker. You can choose the blocks you want, support the brands you like, or even develop your own blocks. Phonebloks is built on a open platform by companies working together to create the best phone in the world.

To set up this platform we need to get the right companies and the right people involved. The will only get started if there is a lot interest in a phone worth keeping.
So this is the plan.
To show them there is a interest for this phone we need your voice. You can donate your social reach on the website. We gather as much people as possible. On the 29th of October we send out the blast. All at the same time. Spreading all your voices, to show the world, there is a need for a phone worth keeping. The more people involved, the bigger the impact.

Please visit to raise your voice and spread the word.

Phonebloks, a phone worth keeping”

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About Mara Balestrini

Mara Balestrini is a “cultural technologist” and a PhD candidate at the Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Sustainable Connected Cities []. She believes that ubiquitous technologies can empower citizens to create in a collaborative way and transform society. In order to test this idea she has developed and collaborated in many projects across Latin America and Europe such as Taller de celumetrajes, an itinerant film school using mobile devices; MobilePOEMES3gp, an installation for digital citizen-generated poetry; MobileCells NOW, a user-generated mobile app to celebrate indie culture in Barcelona; or, a smart-education prototype to augment the physical space with the crowdsourced memories of the community, among others. Mara holds a BA in Audiovisual Communications, a postgraduate degree in Media Arts and a MSc in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media (UPF, Barcelona, Spain). Mara is a strategic planner at Ideas for change where she consults on Smart cities, citizen driven innovation and open business models. She also manages the digital communication of the We are not ants social innovation network. Since 2010, she is an advisor at CCCB Lab, Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, where she consults on how to enhance expositions and participation using new technologies. She has worked as a digital and video journalist, has been a university lecturer and an assistant researcher at the Group of Interactive Technologies (GTI), at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where she investigated on Human Computer Interaction, Ubicomp and Computing Supported Collaborative Learning. To read about Mara’s research project, visit:

One response to “Contra la obsolescencia planificada. El móvil customizable.”

  1. Lorea Iglesias says :

    Reblogueó esto en Mobile ARTy comentado:
    Hoy compartimos este interesante post sobre el móvil más lógico que hemos visto nunca, nosotros también queremos apoyar con la difusión para que sea una realidad.

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